Keep An Open Mind

Yesterday was quite a day of trying to keep my humility in check. As I posted a couple days ago, I have been having some car problems. In August, before James and I headed to the Bugaboos, my car lost it’s 4th gear. It’s a manual transmission so I decided to just let it ride, going from 3rd to 5th. I have been driving like that for the past 10,000 miles.

Finally, the rest of the transmission has been starting to follow in the footsteps of 4th gear. I located a used transmission to buy on a local website. I also found a local mechanic to install it at a reasonable price. This mechanic was advertising for mobile mechanics, coming to your place of residence and fixing what you needed on site. Well I live in a neighborhood with an HOA and some neighbors of mine wouldn’t exactly love the process of tearing out a transmission and clutch in the front driveway. Our garage spot currently has an Audi with a blown turbo in it. So the guy told me I could bring it to his place and he would fix it there.

The location he sent me gave me an idea of what I was heading for. I’ve been in the area before and there are some really nice houses up there, so I was expecting nothing less. I get to this guys house. It’s an RV parked in a dirt lot with some other RV’s and trailers around. I was like, “is this guy really going to tear my transmission out in the dirt?”. I was a bit unsettled in my thoughts. And of course, this guy wasn’t even home at the time. My last minute call to bring it by left him needing to go grab his tools from his girlfriend’s truck. “Now I see why he was trying to do a mobile mechanic business”, I told myself. And better yet, I get to sit around and think about all of the possibilities.

I am spending all the money that I can to have this guy tear down my car. In a dirt lot. HAHAHA. Having some time to reflect, brought me back to a centered place. I have also been trying to figure out what I want to do with my massage business. Do I want to set up an office or go on the run, mobile style. Having 5 other roommates is quite the task to have people come get a massage. Then I had that moment of humility. I’m really good at my job, massage, but I can’t really advertise to have people over in my situation. In times of need, I have indeed had people over though. So what makes this guy different? He’s just a man with a hustle.

When he finally shows up, he has a big ol’ beard and hands covered in grease.  It was a great sign for me with the greasy hands. At least it looked like he had been doing some work. He pulled a bunch of tools out of a van and basically went to work. If this guy does a great job I’m going to be sure to give him some nice referrals. Hopefully he doesn’t steal my whip. HA!

It took me a little reflecting to realize, who cares about where this guy lives? He wasn’t advertising like he had a shop, although he did have space from a friend he could have had me wait for. He explained to me that he was recently moved out here from Michigan and he refused to pay 1,200$/month for rent. So he and his girlfriend lived rent free in an RV. Hell, they didn’t even have to pay to park it where they were. And I’ve toyed with the idea of living in a van. At least this guy has some square footage.


Always Rip,



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