Bear Ears


Indian Creek splitters!

Well, Trump is coming to Utah to downsize Bears Ears National Monument on Monday. It’s sad to see the administration making these moves against public lands. Utah is known for it’s public lands. It is also known to be rich in oil.

Utah has been on a battlefront between land conservation and selling off our public lands for oil leases and other minerals. I just saw an article saying that Trump plans to shrink Bear’s Ears by 85% and the Grand Staircase-Escalante by 50%. When these unique landscapes are extorted for what’s beneath the ground, that beauty will be forever gone. This isn’t anything new though. Even though Utah has some of the highest land conservation in the country, the ever lasting oil battle continues. The tail end of Indian Creek holds an old Uranium mine. There was once a proposal to have a uranium waste site just past the Creek, in the Heart’s Draw canyon behind the popular climbing area. DSC01054

Climbing in Bears Ears

It’s a constant fight. Today at the capitol in Salt Lake City, thousands of protestors will show their support for our lands. However much support has been shown for other protests around the country, there is little to no motivation for our government officials to listen to anything except oil money, in my opinion.

So for now we wait for the final Trump decision on the land grab. Maybe the circus show will make some wild twist of events for the better. I’m hoping for the best. The only way to change these radical decisions in the future is to vote. Make your voice heard. Voting is important and putting local officials into office with your like minded views is the best way to trickle the effects of change for your opinion upwards. Call your local representative and show them that YOU have a VOICE.

Stand with Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante.


Bears Ears National Monument


Grand Staircase-Escalante

Ripping on Psyche for these precious areas.



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