Dumb (bad)Luck?

I say a lot that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I mean it, sometimes I’m just kidding myself. Well I am a firm believer (most of the time) that truly everything does happen for a reason. Good or bad. Everything has a rhyme and reason behind it.

I first started skiing when I was 4. Skiing turned to snowboarding at 8. Snowboarding turned to life at 14. Life brought me to Utah at 19. I never pictured myself living in Utah. To be honest the only thing I knew about Utah was that there are a lot of Mormons, and it had some amazing terrain parks to snowboard. Once I made the 1,100 mile leap down to the desert southwest from Oregon, I never in a million years expected to stay.

1 winter turned into a full year round stay. 1 year turned to 5, then to 8. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is (but Boulder is way cooler). I worked at a grocery store, barely making ends meet. I would basically save to buy a season pass and then just hang around the 435 all winter not able to afford anything other then my bills. At 23, life struck.

I slowly moved my way into the backcountry realm of snowboarding. I have always loved the feeling of powder billowing up my nostrils. There’s really no explanation of how if feels if you don’t know. 2013 was shaping up to be a relatively good winter. Powder was flying and shots were stacking. I had been watching a boulder field in lower Little Cottonwood Canyon stack with snow. Pillows were forming. A nice melt freeze cycle would solidify the pillows. Then we received a 20 inch storm. I decided it was time.

I ask every friend I could, to come ride with me. Croshane was in to come and film it. Not a single person would come. They were busy or just weren’t feeling the zone. So Cro and I went on our own. We got to the line and the anticipation was high. The stoke was high. I was super ripped on psyche. The zone looked quite nice. I hiked to the top. It was just barely 8am. I dropped in. The pillows were soft and the film was rolling. Before I knew it, I was going out in the back seat off of a pillow. I soared through the air about 20 feet before hitting the snow. Whappow! Ass first into a really sharp boulder.

My breathe was gone. I was in agonizing pain. I rolled around in place. I thought I pooped my pants. I told Cro that I thought I had broken my tailbone and I was in serious pain. He unstrapped my board. I was laying in the snow for a bit, letting my body calm down. It was terrible. I tried to get up and walk, only to immediately get light headed and almost faint. So I gave it more time. We called the guys back at the house to come lend a hand in potentially trying to get me out of there. I had been laying in the snow, on a shady slope for over an hour. I was getting cold.

We could see the road and finally the guys showed up. I tried to get up and walk one more time. This time, I felt more fluid run down my leg. I told Cro. He had a glance in my pants and told me that my legs were bright red with blood. I had been bleeding the whole time. Instantly, I was nauseous. We called 911. They called search and rescue. Those guys showed up and I told them to call the chopper! I was getting to be hypothermic. After another hour or more I was being transported to the University of Utah hospital were I would remain in the trauma center for 3 days.

So what in the hell was the reasoning behind this? Well, as I was laying in the snow I had a thought. “Maybe I’ll check out massage school.” I had thought about it before and now I would have nothing to do for the next while. So I went for it 3 months after my accident. Turns out, I was naturally pretty darn good at it and I really enjoyed doing it. Also while in school learning about pathology, I noticed a spot on my face after the melanoma chapter and I went to get it checked out. The doctors removed it and the biopsy turned back to be pre melanoma! I wouldn’t have thought twice about it if I hadn’t learned about it. I tell people now that breaking my back saved my life. It taught me how to take care of myself and it showed me some pretty serious stuff, catching the early signs of melanoma.

So wherever you are at and whatever is happening, give it time. Things will disguise themselves in weird, abstract ways. But it may be for the better of your health or your happiness or whatever it may be! So keep with it and follow those dreams!


Ripping with Psyche!



Ride the wave.

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