Whose Land? OUR LAND!

Today, Donald Trump visited Utah to make a couple devastating blow to so unique Utah landscapes. 2 of our national monuments, Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante were reduced by 85% and 48% adding up to millions lost.

DSC01323Austin Smith and I showed our support today by heading down to the protest at the capitol building, SLC. Thousands rallied today after thousands more rallied on Saturday. All had one thing in mind, land conservation. A majority of the support seemed to be for the Bears Ears National Monument. Bears Ears was designated by President Obama just before he left office. The monument held 1.3 million acres and was home to 5 Utah Native American Tribes. These tribes fought for their sacred land to be preserved.

I’ve spent time in both of these areas. I’ve soaked my feet, torn from the endless climbing at Bears Ears, in the Escalante River. I watched many sunsets light the walls of windgate sandstone. I’ve been engulfed in the narrow slot canyons. The rock here has a powerful presence. It is no wonder that the Natives chose this land to live. It is no wonder the Natives continue to fight for it. If you have never been here, I recommend you visit. Your mind will be blown.

For now, we must move forward. Bears Ears is very new. It wasn’t even Bears Ears when I first started climbing down there 2 years ago. So however I do believe some land will try to be snatched up by the oil industry, I do not fear for much of this area. I’m more hesitant on the Grand Staircase-Escalante reduction. This monument has been around for 20 years. I will put my best bet on these rural areas to be exploited.

It all starts locally. Voice what you believe in.


I stand with Bears Ears.

Rip with Psyche,



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